Red Snakes & Cave Bats (2010)


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Peter Jones
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Peter Jones A far more mainstream sound on this release than earlier ones. Here SBT are close to the classic Bluesbreakers type sound, with maybe a bit of Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac thrown in, along with their own clear style on top.

Every single track here is a great listen - really good sounds - and far too many of the jams at the end of tracks feel cut off too soon.

Worth more than I paid, too. Favorite track: Seven Plus.
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Mr. Jack 03:00
It's True 03:47
Seven Plus 04:26
Roy B. 05:43
Buy A Dog 04:25


Have you got something to say?

This particular question seems to balance upon the lips, the hearts and the minds of musicians, people involved in the music industry and simple friends of unique music. I realized that this question has an international impact for a good reason. Things change - always do - and what was taken for granted in the past, today experiences doubt and vice versa. In the book of music, only a few pages have remained unwritten and it is quite difficult to get there and write upon.
In older days,most of the time, it was enough to be simply talented and bring out your best and if you' were a virtuoso, even better. Not anymore.The music that we listen to, has made many full circles and the people seem to be kinda bored or little tired, starting to turn their attention again to more original/tradditional sounds that embody sincerity and inspiration.This is exactly what brings me to the SMALL BLUES TRAP.

Have you got something to say?

I had the opportunity to know this band from day one and realized that these guys possess extremely rare credentials that we all desperately seek but rarely find in our times.SBT love Blues. No question about it. However, they also love the music of the world and the music that strikes somewhere deep inside. Their sound reflects the fog of Louisiana swamps, the out-of-tune pianos, the black and white movies, the aroma that jumps out of the Aegean Sea, the rainy nights spent driving on remote highways, the metal body guitars, the worn
clothes, the gnarled hands. Above all, they look at the big picture around, wondering where this world is going. They love to create.
I’ve said it before and I’m gonna say it again. Guys like the members of SBT who live in the Greek countryside, guys who are forced to fight against gods and demons, are the true heroes of today’s sonic world. They are the torch bearers of every human effort that will make our
musical reality a better place to be, a better place to expect, a place of hoping and dreaming because after all, we humans we will return to our humane disposition which is no other than being connected with nature and with each other as well.From their villages in Malesina and Martino, they raise their voices hoping that some day they will be heard above the trash T.V sounds and the noise pollution that comes out of the cheap and enslaved corporate cogs who live and work in the big city centers.Their voice is pure and uncontaminated. It expresses what they think and believe about how this place should be. They have their views and beliefs and these views and beliefs are their own.
I also wish to thank them for having included one of my songs in their recent project.

Have you got something to say?
SMALL BLUES TRAP definitely have.

Elias Zaikos - Guitarist/singer of the Blues Wire.


released April 1, 2010

Paul Karapiperis :

vocals on all tracks
harmonica on 1,2,5,6,7,8,11,12,13
slide steel guitar on 3,5,7
keyboards on 4,9
rhythm electric guitar on 4
rhythm acoustic guitar on 11

Panagiotis Daras :

rhythm electric guitar on 1,2,6,7,8,10,13
lead electric guitar on 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,12,13
slide electric guitar on 2,13
rhythm acoustic guitar on 3,9,12
lead acoustic guitar on 11

Lefteris Besios :

electric bass on all tracks

Stathis Evageliou :

drums on all tracks

Recorded at “Shelter” Home Studio, Malesina, Greece except for drums which were recorded at “Music Trap” Home Studio, Levadia, Greece
Mixed & Mastered at “Shelter” Home Studio by Paul Karapiperis & Lefteris Besios
Photos : Nicholas Carellos, Lefteris Besios
Drawings : John Kanakaris
Art Direction & Design : Lefteris Besios, Paul Karapiperis

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The Small Blues Trap band was formed in August 2004 by the need of three people to express their musical interests. They are based at the villages of central Greece, Malesina and Martino.

Paul Karapiperis /vocals, harmonica, resonator guitar

Panagiotis Daras /electric guitar

Lefteris Besios /electric bass

Nick Konstadinou /drums
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